Distribution and Warehouse Management
Maintenance and Repair
Asset Management
Inventory Management

TL/WMS Highlights

Administration and Inventory Management

  • Users setup their facility through the use of software switches, ensuring flexibility for changing processes.
  • Hierarchical stocking control includes support for multiple warehouses, stockrooms zones, sub-zones, and locations
  • The Employee Master allows managers to regulate the tasks and work areas for each employee
  • A complete set of tools and reports are available for managing and reviewing productivity at the warehouse, process and employee level
  • Robust historical reporting of all warehouse and yard activities
  • Flexible inventory and cycle counting capability
  • Full set of Quality Control and Cycle Counting management tools

Manufacturing Support

  • Ability to interface with third party production and ERP systems
  • Robust materials management support including raw materials delivery, production tracking, finished goods put away, and return to stock operations.
  • PLC interfaces provide the ability to direct operators to line pickups
  • Operators are directed to the best put away location based on rules such as FIFO, shelf-life, like product, consolidation rules, etc.

Purchasing, Receiving and Put Away

  • Anticipated receipts may be imported, manually input or received via a host interface
  • Full support is provided for purchase order reconciliation
  • Vendor labels may be used or clerk can pre-print product labels or print them as items are received
  • As items are received or trailers validated at dock doors operators are directed to the receiving area for put away.
  • Upon scanning the product label the operator will be directed to the best location based on rules such as FIFO, shelf-life, like product, consolidation rules, cross docking requirements, etc.

Sales Orders and Shipping

  • Sales orders may be imported, manually input or received via a host interface
  • Orders may be released manually or automatically, based on rules such as product availability, ship date, carrier availability,  etc.
  • When integrated with the Trailer Management module, picking or loading transactions are not released until the correct trailer is at a dock door
  • Pick lists are generated and distributed to the best loader or loaders based on user defined rules
  • Load balancing and best picking tours are fully supported
  • Operator will be directed to a location to pick product, and then will be directed to the appropriate dock door or packing location

Material Management

  • Robust bulk and forward pick replenishment support
  • Real time space utilization adjustments
  • Robust FIFO, LIFO, FEFO, Hazmat and special material handling
  • Fully integrated with the Receiving and Shipping processes
  • Slotting

Standard Key Features

  • Support for all inventory transaction move types
  • Component/Sub-component tracking
  • Variety of cycle count methods and rules
  • Quality control support
  • Work zone management
  • Re-warehousing
  • Interleaved work tasking
  • Robust replenishment capabilities
  • Cross docking
  • Vehicle profiles
  • Multiple vendor/item number cross referencing
  • Multiple customer/item number cross referencing
  • Track items as stock or assets at the item level
  • Serialization and lot tracking
  • User defined fields for all major tables
  • Custom screen text labels, grids, and data displays
  • Can be integrated with many ERP and accounting systems
  • Third party ad-hoc reporting support
  • Manufacture and model tracking
  • Assign default locations, cost centers, and persons
  • Automatic reorder based on min/max levels
  • Several levels of unit of measure for each vendor
  • Ability to assign items to user defined classes
  • Perpetual movement history tracking
  • Quick views of item on hand quantities at the location level
  • Ability to quickly sort and print movement history for all fields
  • All control data (locations, move reason codes, cost centers, persons, etc.) fully user defined
  • Robust data import and export capabilities
  • Flexible security at the user/activity level
  • Support for consigned inventory

Optional Modules

  • 3rd Party Warehousing and Logistics
  • Work In Process
  • Slotting
  • Reverse Logisitics
  • Third Party Manifesting
  • Maintenance and Repair Operation
  • Route Sales and Accounting, Route Delivery
  • Trailer and Yard Management
  • Packing
  • Retail Replenishment