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TL/WMS – Optimizing Your Warehouse Management System and Operations for Maximum Efficiency and Accuracy

Warehouse manager happy from the use of TrakLand Warehouse Management SystemsTrakLand WMS was created to ensure logistical control—the more efficient your operation, the more your company and profits grow. When using warehouse management system software, the key is making it fit perfectly into your existing operation along with having the largest return on your investment.

The most difficult processes that managers and supervisors face become non-issues with TrakLand WMS. For starters, inventory management, accuracy and control. Every piece, part and bit of material matters when the final numbers are evaluated. With TrakLand, you no longer have to worry about running out of the specific and vital product materials or be concerned with unnecessary and excess product taking up too much of your warehouse space.

Another key aspect of TrakLand is the ability to take accuracy to the next level. With the ADC barcode system, your workers will be pulling from or putting in the right product from the correct stocking location. Erase doubt with by having your workers verify everything through a simple scan.

Workflow also increases and becomes more efficient with automated data collection from TrakLand WMS. Have a large order for 100 different parts requiring the order picker to go to 100 different locations? With TrakLand, tracking solutions will be done in the most efficient picking tour possible. It’s the same with received goods. Everything gets put away quickly and correctly, allowing you to reassign workers to other tasks.

Don’t ever wonder about a product’s location at your facility; TrakLand helps with stocking locations and space issues so every bit of your floor is utilized. And while products move throughout your building, a Warehouse Management System will make sure product rotation and handling rules are followed, concerning shelf life, FIFO, FEFO, etc. This also extends to compliance. TrakLand will help you protect your company by ensuring customer requirements are met for labeling, material handling, EDI and more.

Contact Redpoint Systems now to learn more about how TrakLand WMS will help dramatically increase your ROI.

Quick Facts and Key Benefits of TrakLand Warehouse Management System:

  • Increased productivity
  • Real-time allocation of the work force
  • Accurate inventory and location info
  • Reduction of time spend taking inventory
  • Improved order accuracy
  • Paperless
  • Reduced shrinkage
  • Isolation of inventory errors
  • Real-time inventory visibility
  • Increased shipping and load accuracy
  • Accurate product rotation
  • Five-tier location management
  • Job task priority scheduling
  • Flexible and easy to learn

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