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Time Tracking and Labor to Job Software

TL/Time© Time Tracking Software- Fully Automated Time and Attendance and Labor to Job Data Collection and Reporting with Comprehensive an Easy to Use Application

Solve all of your Time and Attendance and Labor to Job needs with our fully automated time tracking software solution — TL/Time. With TL/Time you can rest assured that you are working with the most up to date and accurate information for those important payroll and job costing requirements.

Robust and secure, Windows based TL/Time utilizes and supports the most current technologies and Time is moneyworks with just about any ODBC compliant database, insuring platform independent database support. TL/Time provides full bar code and magnetic stripe support for a variety of  hardware platforms including time clocks, data terminals and portable data collection devices. Implemented as independent modules with user defined controls, you tailor the time tracking software to meet your business’ specific job costing needs. When integrated with our inventory and process management application TrakLand, TL/Time provides robust and detailed job costing data.

How does it work? The user scans or swipes the employee badge using the terminal or a hand held portable data collection terminal. If the task is T&A the user clocks in or out through the use of predefined function keys. For Labor to Job the user will scan the appropriate job code/work order and optional operation and step codes, selecting the appropriate function (on or off job, etc.) from the predefined function keys. If raw materials are being tracked part numbers may be scanned as well. It’s as easy as that!

If your configuration includes real time connectivity to the host computer, the collected data will be immediately validated by TL/Time and databases updated. If your environment requires batch hand held devices, the collected data is uploaded to the host computer periodically, and the databases are updated as the upload occurs.

Key Features

  • Supports Time and Attendance and Labor to Job tracking as stand alone products or integrated as one system.
  • Utilizes PC desktop as well as a wide range of remote time and data collection devices
  • Robust user defined employee shift definition
  • Easy to use employee set up
  • Multi-tiered job control — job code/work order, operation, step, and labor codes
  • Track raw materials to finished goods
  • Easy to use exception handling and maintenance
  • Third party ad-hoc reporting support
  • Complete absentee, vacation and holiday support
  • Flexible data import and export capabilities
  • Will support just about any WIP processes
  • Fully integrated with Redpoint Systems’ inventory management application — TrakLand
  • Works with a variety of SQL databases
  • Integrates with several ERP, accounting and payroll systems.