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TrakLand MRO Highlights

Platform and Integration

TrakLand MRO may be implemented in a two-tier (application and database on the same server) or three-tier (application resides on an application server and the database resides on a separate server) environment. The core application components are MS-Windows® based, while the database may reside on just about any platform for which there is adequate network infrastructure support and an available MS-Windows® data source. A variety of automated data collection devices, platforms, and hardware vendors are supported.

TrakLand MRO Capabilities:

  • Accurate asset and cost tracking
  • Easily setup scheduled and on demand work orders based on meter or time units with automated notification when maintenance is due
  • Component and sub component tracking and maintenance
  • Complete work order disposition including discrepancies, corrective actions, consumables used, and labor
  • Perpetual maintenance and repair history at the asset, location, cost center, and user levels
  • Quick views of on-hand assets and statuses at the location, cost center, and user levels
  • Ability to attach electronic attachments such as drawings, instructions , etc. to the asset or work order
  • Robust tool crib and inventory management for all on hand inventory and tools, including use history
  • Rental tracking
  • Integrates with Redpoint Systems time and attendance and labor to job application, TL/Time®
  • Support for third party repairs, component repairs, and RMA tracking
  • Optional modules are available for material purchasing and other business processes.
  • Works seamlessly with a variety of industry standard mobile computers
  • Integrates with ERP and accounting systems
  • Ad hoc reporting with Crystal Reports®
  • Support for multiple physical locations on a LAN, WAN, WLAN, Intranet, or Internet