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TrakLand® MRO – Accurate Management of Maintenance and Repair Operations with a Comprehensive and Easy to Implement Application

The Challenge:

Just about all forms of manufacturing, equipment, logistics and field services today face the challenge of iStock_000006939610XSmallkeeping equipment properly maintained and repaired. Without adequate preventive maintenance controls in place important maintenance milestones can be missed, or not performed properly. In addition the required tools and consumable items necessary for maintenance and repair may not be readily available. Redpoint Systems, Inc. understands a business’ need to overcome this challenge. That is why we provide an accurate, easy to use, and effective maintenance software solution.

The Solution: TrakLand MRO

Developed to support most current business processes where maintenance and repair (MRO) is a concern, TrakLand MRO provides the flexibility to meet your MRO requirements. TrakLand MRO, with its robust automated data collection and reporting capabilities makes it easy to plan accurately, manage wisely, and communicate effectively.

Scalable and easy to administer, TrakLand MRO will support any size operation and can be implemented in almost any environment.  With installations throughout North America in many industries including manufacturing & distribution, oil and gas, field service and operations, military training and deployment, and fleet management we have provided a wide range of (MRO) solutions for the market place. Our world-class software, expertise in maintenance and repair processes, technical knowledge and integration skills, and focus on service make Redpoint Systems the right choice for nearly all preventative maintenance and repair applications. Two editions of TrakLand MRO maintenance software are available to fit your needs: TrakLand MRO Standard for smaller operations and TrakLand MRO Enterprise for larger operations or where maintenance and repair needs are complex.



TrakLand MRO accurately manages and tracks every aspect of maintenance and repair operations including work orders, ability to predefine maintenance operations, scheduled maintenance notification, bill of materials, electronic attachments, RMA tracking, inventory management, sub-components, and perpetual repair history. Optional barcode scanning and RFID eliminate the errors associated with keyboard entry. Our product meets ISO 9000 standards and accuracy is near 100 percent.

Performance and Productivity

Performance and productivity will be greatly enhanced by TrakLand MRO. Data collection can be performed real time allowing immediate access to vital information. The time required to perform maintenance and repair operations is reduced as well as the elimination of costly errors and missed maintenance schedules. Productivity reporting tools and collected metrics allow for measuring and evaluating work progress. Critical inventory and tools will be available when needed.

Ease of Use

TrakLand MRO is designed to keep things simple so that repair technicians can spend their time repairing assets and not filling out long forms. Work order templates allow the reuse of similar operations across multiple assets. Unlimited schedules can be assigned to assets allowing you schedule phased maintenance for an asset one time. There are many features that allow the customization of data entry screens for your specific business.

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