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TrakLand® – Accurate Collection and Management of Inventory with a Comprehensive and Easy To Implement Application

Developed to support a wide range of business processes TrakLand is the perfect solution for any inventory management requirement. The core iStock_000006979679XSmallSCANinventory management system supports all the standard inventory transactions: Issues, Receipts, Allocation, Returns, Moves, and Counting. Add-on modules are available to support just about any business process including Purchasing, Sales and Shipping, Manufacturing Orders, Quotes, Work in Process, Point of Sale, Maintenance Operations, Packing, Mobile Field Operations, Third Party Manifesting, and Yard Management. This modular approach makes TrakLand a highly scalable, robust and cost effective solution for whatever demands your business may have.

Windows based, TrakLand utilizes and supports the most current LAN, WAN, and internet technologies and works with several enterprise SQL databases, ensuring platform independent database support. TrakLand provides full bar code and RFID support for a wide range of mobile hardware platforms including WLAN, WWAN and batch data collection devices.

Easy to configure and use, TrakLand provides many user defined features such as customized screen labels, drag and drop grid layouts, and UDF database fields, allowing business specific configuration. The security management tool provides process specific control at the group and user level.

TrakLand is available in two editions;

1) Standard for smaller organizations who need lighter operational support, and

2) Enterprise capable of providing full support to any size business or enterprise.

With Redpoint Systems’ technical and business process expertise, life cycle support, and focus on customer service you will be assured of complete satisfaction.

Standard Key Features

  • Support for all inventory transaction move types
  • Component/Sub-component tracking
  • Multiple vendor/item number cross referencing
  • Inventory tracking as stock or assets at the item level
  • Serialization and lot tracking
  • User defined fields for all major tables
  • Custom screen text labels, grids, and data displays
  • Can be integrated with many ERP and accounting systems
  • Third party ad-hoc reporting support
  • Manufacture and model tracking
  • Assign default locations, cost centers, and persons
  • Automatic reorder based on min/max levels and forecasting based on usage history
  • Several levels of unit of measure for each vendor
  • Ability to assign items to user defined classes
  • Perpetual movement history tracking
  • Quick views of item on hand quantities at the location level
  • Ability to quickly sort and print movement history for all fields
  • All control data (locations, move reason codes, cost centers, persons, etc.) fully user defined
  • Robust data import and export capabilities
  • Flexible security at the user/activity level
  • Support for a wide range of automated data collection devices
  • Support for consigned inventory

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