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Trakland for Assets

Platform and Integration

TrakLand may be implemented in a two-tier (application and database on the same server) or three-tier (application resides on an application server and the database resides on a separate server) environment. The core application components are MS-Windows® based, while the database may reside on just about any platform for which there is adequate network infrastructure support and an available MS-Windows® data source. A variety of automated data collection devices, platforms, and hardware vendors are supported.

TrakLand can interface with many of today’s ERP and accounting systems or Redpoint Systems can provide services to develop an interface to custom systems or those for which a standard interface does not yet exist.


  • Robust counting and asset reconcilliation capabilities
  • Ability to assign default locations, cost centers, and person
  • Component/Sub-component support
  • Asset Grouping
  • Complete management of asset reverse logistics, including receipt, refurbish, warehousing and redeply to the field.
  • Perpetual movement history tracking at the asset, location, cost center, and user levels
  • Quick views of on-hand assets at the location, cost center, and user levels
  • Ability to quickly sort and print movement history for all fields
  • Support for consigned and leased assets
  • Ability to have multiple attachments per asset
  • Optional modules are available for purchasing and maintenance operations.
  • Depreciation scheduling and complete asset audit capabilities
  • Crystal Reports® allow the customer to modify delivered reports as well as create ad-hoc reports
  • Support for multiple physical locations on a LAN, WAN, WLAN, Intranet, or Internet
  • Fully integrated with TrakLand-MRO for maintenance and repair operations
  • Robust support for mobile devices utilizing bar coding and RFID.