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About Our Software

With a modular approach to software development and deployment, Redpoint Systems, Inc. is a proven provider of  scalable and process-centric solutions. All of our software products are delivered as a set of process specific  modules tightly integrated to a core data management and tracking component that serves as the backbone for a wide variety of business specific processes.  Through the use of configurable run-time process switches, user defined  text labels, and grid formatting tools we can provide a  customer defined  solution with little or no software modifications. This, combined with our support for ANSI-SQL compliant databases and robust bar coding and mobile data collection  ensures delivery of a solution that meets your specific needs and operating requirements.

Some of the business applications that our products support are Warehouse Management, Sales and Distribution, Supply Chain Execution, Asset Management, Point of Sale, Maintenance and Repair Operations, Job Costing, Time and  Attendance, Labor to Job, Work In Process, and Yard Management. With flexible support options that can include 24×7 phone support, free scheduled release upgrades, expedited on-site service, and discounts on professional services you can be assured complete life cycle satisfaction.

We have implemented solutions in many industries including durable goods, oil and gas, fasteners, food and beverage, third party logistics, aerospace, research and development, medical, military/defense, clothing, automotive, paper products, and reverse logistics.